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I am a painter and mixed media artist. My art explores connection and identity, the physicality of our relationships, with our sense of self, our surroundings and community, and our bodies.


A sense of kineticism unites my work; I am moved by colour and bold mark making. My aim is to produce art that holds energy and power for the viewer; that is vibrant, playful, and arressting. 

I am interested in the connectedness we feel to ourselves, to the spaces we inhabit, our bodies and identities, and with each other. My most recent collection explores emotions around a sense of belonging to a place, and the transience of our identities in a space over time. My current work is a more personal investigation into the evolution of my identity as an artist. Drawing on my very first creative practice as a child, learning haberdashery skills from my mum, the development of these new artworks is a reflection on how our earliest creative experiences shape our artistic identities as adults. 

In terms of the composition of my work, I am drawn to the drama of colour combinations and intentional use of mark making as part of my process. I usually paint on the floor, standing above my works and adding paint or layers, moving up close next to a piece to add detail. I listen to music all the time when I create... My creativity is closely linked to the soundscapes of my studio.

I work in acrylics, inks, collage, found objects, textiles, sewing, even glitter! My aim to make my practice more ecologically responsible. Where ever possible, I use materials that are second hand or sustainable, and reduce waste. 

As a self-taught, emerging artist, I was selected for the 2022 New Platform Art programme cohort through Parker Harris, curated by artist Rebecca Byrne, and mentored by artist Neil Musson. I was chosen for the I LIKE NETWORKING 2022 mentoring programme, a platform for women and non-binary people in the creative sectors, focused on creating a more equitable and inclusive arts and cultural sector.

I am an Associate of OVADA, an experimental visual arts space in Oxford, and a Matron Saint artist with Mothers Who Make, an international movement for women and non-binary people who care about creating and create while caring. 

What's next....?

Read about my List of Wants for the coming... time... ! 

Contact me to discuss any of my works, ideas for collaborations or commissions! Or sign up to my email newsletter or follow me on Instagram to keep up-to-date with my latest work. I would love to connect!

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