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List of wants

Inspired by Rachael Clerke, who created a list of wants as an artist and put it on their website for all to see, I've created the same. You can do it too! Found out how

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  • Research some of the awesome female artists in Katy Hessle's The Story of Art Without Men.

  • Try out creating concertina, architectural, hand-made books, using text in combination with painintgs and collage - a la Dia al-Azzawi.

  • Make a commitment to the Green Arts Charter movement.

  • Be interviewed in an artist podcast.

  • Do a zine-making course, and create a zine or two!

  • Finalise my embroidered collection of work - beauty in the broken and discarded, mistakes, left-overs, waste. Show some of it.  

  • Do a foraging-for-bricolage beach combing trip... and then experiment with bricolage.

  • Make a f-off huge painting with all the left over household paint I have. 

  • Develop my new idea about representations of the female body using neolithic and paleolithic sculptural forms.

  • Try out graffiti. 

  • Co-create a peer-to-peer artist residency/weekend-long event focused on moving along our practices and professions - sharing solutions and ideas. 

  • Italian art roadtrip: Visit Niki De Saint Phalle's Tarot Garden (dreeeeeeamy) and the Garden of Bamarzo (also known as the Garden of Monsters!).

  • Visit these museums and galleries:

  • Do an art trip to Margate, Kent. ​


Any of my wants spark ideas for you?

Let's connect.

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